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A guest once kept entertaining Imam Raza (as) part of the night, when the lamp started fading and the guest stretched his hand to fix it, but Imam Raza (as) swiftly checked him and fixed it himself, saying, "We are folks who do not let their guest tend on them."

Al-Manaqib states that Imam Raza (as) once went to the public bath-house and someone asked him to give him a massage, so Imam Raza (as) kept giving the man a massage till someone recognized him and told that person who that dignitary was. The man felt extremely embarrassed; he apologized to the Imam Raza (as) for giving him a massage.


Once when our 8th Imam, Imam Raza (as) was travelling through a town called Nishapur, the people of the town asked Imam Raza (as) to tell them a hadith from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Imam Raza (as) and Hadith QudsiImam Raza (as) told them the following hadith:
"My father Musa al-Kadhim (as) told me,
from his father Jafar Sadiq (as),
from his father Muhammad al-Baqir (as),
from his father Ali Zainul Abideen (as),
from his father the martyr of Kerbala (Hussain) (as),
from his father Ali ibn Abu Talib (as),
from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).
from Angel Jibrail (as),
from Almighty Allah:

"The Kalima of 'La ilaha illallah' is My fort, and whosoever says it will enter My fort, and whosoever enters My fort is safe from My punishment."

This hadith is known as the Golden chain hadith. This is because each member of the chain was a Masoom (infallible). The people of Nishapur began reciting the Kalima and thought that His Holiness talk was over, but to their amazement the Holy Imam Raza (as) added the following words to what he had previously stated:

"But all this depends on some conditions, and I am considered to be one of those conditions".

This historical and the most famous Hadith Qudsi is called "Silsilat al-Dhahab". Imam Raza (as) confirms that worshipping God will be counted as a perfect procedure when it is based on the obedience of the immaculate Holy Imams (as). This historical statement of Imam Raza (as) implied the presentation and assertion of the Imamat (socio-religious leadership) of His Holiness.

Imam Raza (as) and Golden chain hadith

Moral: Just to say something will be of no use. Only when you understand what you are saying and believe in it enough to follow it then will it be of use to you.


The people of king Mamun Rashid were very angry that he had made our 8th Imam, Imam Raza (as), his heir.

To show Imam Raza (as) that they did not respect him, the servants of Mamun Rashid decided that when 8th Imam, Imam Raza (as) came to the court they would not open the doors, or lift up the curtains for Imam Raza (as) to pass through.

That day when Imam Raza (as) came to the court, the doors and curtains were opening by themselves for Imam Raza (as) under the command of Allah.

The servants became very scared and ashamed and resumed their duty of opening the doors and curtains for Imam Raza (as).

Moral: No-one can do anything to you when Allah is looking after you, as Allah is the most powerful and in control of everything.


Ibrahim bin Abbas, who was one of the high-ranking officials of the Abbasid caliphate, has left the following eyewitness account of Imam Raza's (as) impeccable character.
- His Holiness never irritated others by verbal or practical teasings.
- His Holiness did not interrupt others speeches.
- The Holy Imam Raza (as) never refused the demands of others.
- I never witnessed him to have his legs stretched out before the others.
- And I could never find him in a resting position in the presence of other people.
- His Holiness never swore at his servants.
- His Holiness never cachinnated in happy circumstances.
- I never saw him spit his saliva out.
- At dinner all his servants including porters and even the stablemen were served in his attendance.
- His Holiness used to stay up all nights invoking Allah the Almighty. The Holy Imam Raza (as) also observed regularly the religious duty of fasting and always gave alms in secret.


Imam Raza (as) and Ritual of Eid Fitr PrayerWhen Eid day fell, Mamun Rashid ordered that the Imam Raza (as) should lead the Eid Fitr (Festival at the end of the month of Ramadan) prayers, and all the notable offer their prayers with him. To begin with, Imam Raza (as) did not accept it. But when Mamun Rashid insisted, he was obliged to accept it. But he made it conditional that he will hold the prayer (assembly) the way his grandfather the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) did. Mamun Rashid accepted this. Imam Raza (as) put on clean clothes in the morning of Eid Fitr, perfumed himself and wore a white (Amama) turban upon his head and calling Takbir "Allah-o-Akbar", moved towards the outskirts of the city, bare footedly.

All the people moved along with him calling the slogans of Takbir (Allah-o-Akbar). The thundering of Takbir made the city tremble. The people were so lost and immersed in emotions that they were weeping loudly and were uttering praise and salutations to Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his descendants. The condition was such as if the sky and earth and all the beings and creatures had joined voice in calling Takbir with the Imam Raza (as). When Fazal Bin Sahal, the minister of Mamun Rashid, observed that the state of affairs had become dangerous he informed him that, if Imam Raza (as) offers his prayers in this manner a riot and revolt would take shape. The official were all afraid that their lives were at risk. Therefore, he (Mamun Rashid) must at once send a word for Imam Raza (as) to turn back. Mamun Rashid at once sent an official to tell Imam Raza (as) to come back as soon as possible and not to hold the prayer assembly. Imam Raza (as) put on his shoes and rode the horse and returned and showed to the people that all of those things were a part of Mamun Rashid's game. The anger and hate of the people for Mamun Rashid went up and their love and attraction towards Imam Raza (as) increased. All the people perceived and understood the hypocrisy and public deceiving attitude of Mamun Rashid. They appreciated that all that he had been doing about Imam Raza (as) had political motives.

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