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Imam Hussein (as) and Kindness, charity and love for poor

Imam Hussein (as) and love for poorImam Hussein (as) is our 3rd Imam. He was well known for his kindness, charity and love for the poor.

One day when Imam Hussein (as) was riding through the streets of Madina, he came across some beggars who had gathered together to eat the food that they had begged for during the day. The beggars saw Imam Hussein (as) and invited him to join them.

Imam Hussein (as) was not allowed to take anything given in charity (Sadaqah) as he was from the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Sadaqah is forbidden (Haraam) for all members of the family (Ahlul Bayt) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Imam Hussein (as) got off his horse and sat down with the beggars.

Imam Hussein (as) then explained to them that although he would love to eat with them, he could not because as a member of the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) he could not take Sadaqah. As an alternative he invited all of the beggars to his house for food so that they could all eat together.

Moral of the Story: You should always be kind to others, especially the poor. You should not compromise your beliefs for anyone, but at the same time you should be polite in how you tell them.

Imam Hussein (as) and Martyrdom in the way of Truth (Islam)

Imam Hussein (as) and MartyrdomOur 3rd Imam, Imam Hussein (as) was a man of faith and action. During nights, he worshipped Allah (SWT) in privacy, while during the day he worked hard and guided the people. He was constantly mindful of the poor and the needy, and he used to visit them and cheer them up. He used to tell his followers: "Be always in touch with the needy, for Allah (SWT) does not love the arrogant".

Imam Hussein (as) always helped the poor as much as he could. At night he would carry sacks of food to the houses of the poor by following the footsteps of his father Imam Ali (as) and leave them near the doors. He worked hard to eradicate poverty, establish justice and acquaint the people with Allah (SWT).

During the time of Imam Hussein (as) a tyrant called Yazid ibn Muawiya became the ruler. Yazid called himself the successor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), but this was a lie. He used to spend the income of the Islamic realm on drinking, gambling and wild parties. Public wealth was wasted for supporting his regime and the rights of the poor were trampled upon. In this way he totally scorned the instructions of Islam.

When Yazid ibn Muawiya became ruler of the Muslims he immediately demanded Imam Hussein (as) to recognize him as the ruler and accept his leadership (give Bayat); but Imam Hussein (as) was the true successor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and could not accept and endorse the leadership of an oppressor. Imam Hussein (as) began to enlighten and awaken the people about Yazid ibn Muawiya and exhorted them to dissociate from him. He would tell them: "Do you not see that the truth is being trampled upon and the falsehood and oppression are prevailing? In such conditions, a Muslim must be ready for martyrdom in defense of the right. Martyrdom and self-sacrifice for the sake of truth is victory and success, while life with the oppressors is no more than shame and disgrace."

At that time the people of Kufa (Iraq) were loving followers of Imam Hussein (as) who had been suffering at the hands of Yazid and his father, Muawiya. They invited Imam Hussein (as) to Kufa to lead them against Yazid and his wicked rule. Imam Hussein (as) had indeed decided to rise up and fight, and so he accepted the invitation and set off for Kufa.

When Imam Hussein (as) and his followers were near Kufa, they were met by Yazid's troops under the leadership of Hazrat Hurr. The troops wanted to arrest Imam Hussein (as) and his followers and take them to Yazid. Imam Hussein (as) told them: "Never will I accept disgrace and surrender to Yazid ibn Muawiya. Death for me is superior to disgrace and I am ready to defend Islam and the Muslims until I get martyred."

At a place called Karbala Imam Hussein (as), his family and helpers were surrounded by Yazid's troops. Imam Hussein (as) and his followers stood firm as they fought against thousands of troops of Yazid. Finally, on 10th Muharram, 61 AH (the day we call 'Ashura'), they were martyred.

Imam Hussein (as) and his followers were martyred, but they did not submit to injustice and oppression. They defended Islam and the Muslims. With their blood they saved Islam and the Holy Qur'an from the danger of annihilation at the hands of Yazid ibn Muawiya. Imam Hussein (as) fought against oppression and defended the religion of Islam, and by doing so he taught the world the greatest lesson on freedom and righteousness.

For this reason we call Imam Hussein (as) "Sayyid al-Shuhada" which means lord of the martyrs. Now the turn has come for us to safeguard and defend Islam. We must shoulder this magnificent responsibility.

Imam Hussein's (as) treatment to his enemies (Hazrat Hur ibn Riahi)

Imam Hussein's (as) treatment to his enemiesOur 3rd Imam, Imam Hussein (as) was very kind and always thought about others before himself.

When Imam Hussein (as) was traveling to Karbala knowing what was going to happen to him and his family, he met Hazrat Hurr - the commander of Yazid army and his soldiers. Imam Hussein (as) knew that this was the army sent by Yazid ibn Muawiya to fight Imam Hussain (as) and his followers.

This was the army that was going to stop Imam Hussain (as) and his followers from getting water. This was the army who was going to kill Imam Hussein (as) and his family and friends.

Although Imam Hussain (as) knew all this, when Imam Hussein (as) saw how thirst the army looked and that they had no water, Imam Hussein (as) immediately told his men to give their water to the army of Hazrat Hurr.

Not only did Imam Hussein (as) and his men give water to the army but also to their horses.

Moral of the Story: No matter how horrible someone is to you, you should always be nice to them because that is what Allah (SWT) has taught us.

Imam Hussain (as) fought with Yazid ibn Muawiya to save Islam

Imam Hussain (as) fought with Yazid ibn MuawiyaOur 3rd Imam, Imam Hussain (as) fought with Yazid ibn Muawiya in 61 AH to save Islam. Imam Hussein (as) was forced to fight Yazid's army because he would not give Bayat (oath of allegiance) to Yazid ibn Muawiya.

When Imam Hussein (as) was told that he had to give Bayat to Yazid otherwise he would be killed, Imam Hussein (as) replied that: a man like him could not give Bayat to a man like Yazid ibn Muawiya.

By saying this Imam Hussein (as) was trying to tell everyone that what Yazid believed in was totally opposite to what Imam Hussein (as) believed in. Yazid was the follower of Shaitan while Imam Hussein (as) was the follower of Allah (SWT).

Imam Hussein (as) knew that himself, his friends and family were to die in Karbala. He also knew that this was the only way that he could show to the other Muslims that Yazid who claimed to be a Muslim and protect Islam was in fact destroying it.

In Imam Hussein (as) army there were not just strong soldiers, that was not what was needed to get into the army of Imam Hussein (as). To get into the army of Imam Hussein (as) you needed to believe and act upon Islam.

Imam Hussein (as) wanted people, when they heard about the events of Karbala to know that it was not for power but for Islam and this is how to get into the army of Imam Hussein (as) you needed to be a believer and not a soldier. Imam Hussein's (as) army had all kinds of people:

Imam Hussein (as) had rich, noble men. He had freed slaves. He had old and young men. He had men who had done wrong and repented (e.g. Hazrat Hurr - the commander of Yazid ibn Muawiya army). He had pious men.

Whenever other Muslims heard about the events of Karbala, they would ask themselves, why it was that men from different backgrounds, different circumstances, different ways of life, all came together to fight and die with Imam Hussein (as).

Every Muslim regardless of his colour, his race, his background, his financial situation, his age, could identify himself with one martyr in the army of Imam Hussein (as) and through him understand why Imam Hussein (as) did what he did.

Moral of the Story: Imam Hussein (as) could not give Bayat to Yazid ibn Muawiya because it was against what he believed in. You should always stand by what you believe in. Imam Hussein (as) gave up his life for Islam. We as guardians of Islam should make sure that we keep Islam alive the way Imam Hussain (as) would have wanted.

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