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Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) and Sustenance (Rizq): Lawfully (Halaal) or unlawfully (Haram)

Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) and Sustenance (Rizq)Allah expands the sustenance for whomsoever He desires and straitens it for whomsoever He desires. (Noble Qur'an, 13:26)

One day Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to a Mosque (Masjid) to say his Prayers (Salat). Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) asked a man standing nearby to look after his Horse. When Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) came out, he had two dirhams in his hand which he (as) intended to give to that man as reward. But that man was nowhere to be seen. Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) came to the Horse and found that his rein was missing.

Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to the market to buy another rein. Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to a shop where he (as) found the exact rein that had gone missing. Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) recognized the rein as it was his own and asked the shopkeeper the price of that rein.

Shopkeeper: A man had just been to my shop and sold this rein to me for two dirhams. You can have it for the same price.

Hadrat Ali Murtada (as): Showing him the two dirhams that he was holding in his hands and said, "This man did me a favour of looking after my Horse. So, I decided to give him two dirhams in return. He could not wait to get this lawfully. Instead he robbed and sold it you. He still got the same amount of money and not a penny more! His anxiety did not increase his wages at all and made him a criminal into the bargain."

Sometimes people become so greedy that in order to obtain their sustenance, they would do anything. What they fail to understand is that Allah (SWT) has already destined their sustenance (Rizq). Now whether he earns it lawfully (Halaal) or unlawfully (Haram), begs or steals or gambles, he is not going to get anything more.

The only difference is that if you earn lawfully, you will have to give account to Allah (SWT) and if you earn it unlawfully, there is a punishment for it.

Amount received by Hadrat Ali Murtada (as): Miracle of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)

It has been recorded in "Arbaeen" "Fazael-e-Shazaan" and "Tuhfatul Izhaar" the following incident related by Ibrahim Bin Mehram, who said: One of my neighbors in Kufa was a man named Abu Ja'far, who was very good-natured. Anytime a Sayyed would approach and request something from him, he would give. If they could pay, he would take the price of the things and if not, he would ask his servant to write: "This amount has been received by Hadrat Ali Murtada (as)."

He lived in such a manner till he found himself poor and destitute. He would sit in his house and open his book of accounts and if he found someone indebted to him, he would send someone to recover from that person. And when he would find the person to have died, he would draw a line over it.

During this period, once he was sitting near the door of his house examining that book, a Nasibi [enemy of Ahlul Bayt (as)] taunted him by saying: "What did your biggest creditor Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) do for you?" Abu Ja'far felt grieved and went inside the house.

Miracle of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)That night, he saw in his dream, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as). The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked them "Where is your father?" Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) replied, "Here I am" and came from behind. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked: "What happened that you do not pay this man's dues? Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) replied. "O Messenger of Allah! This is his due which I've brought with me". The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Give it to him". Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) gave a pouch to Abu Ja'far. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Take it and do not deny anyone from his sons (Sayyed) who ask you something that you possess. Return such that destitution will not touch you again".

Abu Ja'far said: "I woke up such that the pouch was in my hand and I woke up my wife and asked her to light the lamps. I found 1000 Ashrafis (Gold Coins) in that pouch". My wife said: "Fear Allah, should poverty force you to deceive some traders and usurp their money". I said: "By Allah, the matter is such and such. When I opened my book of accounts I saw that the total amount that I had given on behalf of Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) was 1000 Ashrafis, neither less nor more".

Blessed Money: Simplicity in Islam or Simplicity of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Simplicity of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)At the request of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to buy a shirt for him. Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to the market and bought a shirt for twelve Dirhams. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked.

"For how many Dirhams did you buy it?"
"For twelve Dirhams."
"I didn't like it, I want a cheaper one. Would the shopkeeper take it back?"
"I don't know, O Messenger of Allah (saw)."
"Please go and see if he agrees to take it back."

Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) took the shirt to the shopkeeper and said to him: "Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) wants a cheaper shirt; would you agree to take it back and give back the money?"

The shopkeeper agreed to do so and he gave the money back to Hadrat Ali Murtada (as). Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) took the money to Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). After this, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) went to the market together. While on the way, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw a slave girl, who was crying. He went to her and asked:

"Why are you crying?"

My master gave me four Dirhams to buy things from the market. I don't know where that money got lost. Now, I don't have the courage to go home.

Out of twelve Dirhams, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) gave four Dirhams to the slave girl and said: "Buy whatever you had to buy and go back home."

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), himself, went to the market and after buying a shirt for four Dirhams, he put it on.

While coming back from the market, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw an undressed man. He (saw) quickly took off his shirt and gave it to him. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) again went to the shop and bought another shirt for four Dirhams. He put it on. On his way, he again saw the same slave girl, who was sitting scared and troubled. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked:

"Why didn't you go home?"

"O Messenger of Allah (saw), it's too late for me and I am scared that they might beat me and ask as to why I took so long."

"Tell me the address of your house and come with me, so that I might request that no one should say anything to you." Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) took the slave girl with him. As soon as they reached near the house, the slave girl said: "This is the house." With a loud voice, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

"My salaam to you, the inhabitants of this house."

Assalamu Alaikum ya Rasool AllahHoly Prophet Muhammad (saw) didn't get any reply; so he (saw) again said, Salaam. But still he got no reply. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said Salaam for the third time and then everyone replied saying: "Assalamu Alaikum ya Rasool Allah."

"Why didn't you people respond me for the first time? Did you not hear my voice?"

"Yes! After hearing your voice for the first time itself, we came to know that it was you."

"Then what was the reason for the delay in response?"

"O Messenger of Allah (saw), we loved to hear your voice (Salaam) again and again. Your Salaam is virtuous, peace and blessing for us."

"Your slave girl has taken long in coming back. Hence, I have come to request that you don't punish her."

"O the Messenger of Allah (saw)! By the blessing of your gracious coming over to our place, we have set this slave girl free." Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Thanks a million to Allah (SWT). How blessed these twelve Dirhams were; with which two undressed persons got dressed as well as a slave girl got free."

Distribution of Three Hundred Gold Coins by Hadrat Ali Murtada (as)

Distribution of Three Hundred Gold CoinsIbn Abbas narrates: "Once, three hundred gold coins were gifted to Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) which he in turn gifted to the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (as). As Imam Ali (as) took them, he declared: "By Allah (SWT)! I shall surely give this amount in charity in a manner such that it shall be accepted by Allah (SWT)."

Later, Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) narrates: "That night, after having offered the Isha prayer, I picked up one hundred gold coins and came out of the mosque. As I did so, I happened to encounter a woman and so handed over the money to her." In the morning the people were found to be talking amongst themselves, saying: "Last night Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (as) gave a hundred gold coins in charity to an adulteress." I was greatly distressed to hear this.

The following night, after the Isha prayer, I picked up another hundred gold coins and came out of the mosque saying to myself: "By Allah (SWT)! Tonight I shall give this in charity such that Allah (SWT) shall accept this act from me. As I emerged from the mosque, I found myself face to face with a man and handed over the money to him." At daybreak the talk amongst the inhabitants of Madinah was: "Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) has given a hundred gold coins to a thief, and I became immensely despondent."

The third night I picked up another hundred gold coins and said to myself: "By Allah (SWT)! I shall surely give these hundred gold coins in charity to such a person, that Allah (SWT) shall accept my charity. After the Isha prayer, coming out of the mosque, I ran into a man and handed him the money. In the morning, the people of Madinah were found saying: "Last night Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (as) gave a hundred gold coins to a rich and wealthy person." I was extremely pained to hear this and so, approaching Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), I informed him of the incidents that had taken place.

Having heard me, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "O' Ali! Angel Gabriel (Jabra'il) says: "Allah (SWT), the Exalted, has accepted your charities and considers them to be pure. (As for) the hundred gold coins that you had given to the immoral lady on the first night - returning home she turned to Allah (SWT) in repentance over her past misdeeds and mended her ways. She has set aside the gold coins as her capital and is on the lookout for a husband.

The hundred gold coins of the second night had reached a thief who, upon reaching home, repented over his wrongdoings and utilized the amount for engaging in trade. The hundred gold coins of the third night had reached the hands of a wealthy person, who had not been paying his Zakat (Alms) for years. Reaching home he began to censure himself saying: "How lowly and base can you be? While you have been violating Allah's ruling and not been paying the obligatory Zakat for several years, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, despite not possessing anything, has given you a hundred gold coins." Having rebuked himself, he then calculated his unpaid Zakat of several years and disbursed it." It was due to this act on the part of Hadrat Ali Murtada (as) that Allah (SWT) revealed the following verse in his excellence: "Men whom neither merchandise nor selling diverts from the remembrance of Allah and the keeping up of prayer and the giving of poor-rate; they fear a day in which the hearts and eyes shall turn about." (Noble Qur'an, 24:37)

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We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Qur'an, though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know. (Noble Qur'an 12:3)
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