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Similarity between Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and previous Prophets (a.s.)

Similarity between Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and previous Prophets (a.s.)Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "Al-Mahdi is from my progeny. His name is the same as my name. And his kuniyat is the same as my kuniyat. In his physique and character he looks exactly like me. He will be in a state of occultation and there will be confusion (Hayra) in which people will wander about (deviate). Then he will come forth like a sharpy shooting star to fill the earth will justice and equity as it was filled before with injustice and inequity."

Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (a.s.) said, "Certainly in the Qaem of the Progeny of Muhammad (saw) is the similarity to five prophets, Yunus bin Mati, Yusuf bin Yaqoob, Musa, Isa and Muhammad, Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam."

Thus, his similarity to Yunus bin Mati (Jonah) is his reappearance after Ghaibat. He looked like a young man in spite of his advanced age.

And, his similarity with Yusuf bin Yaqoob (Joseph) is his Ghaibat (occultation) when he was away from the sight of the general, as well as the special people; due to the fear of his brothers.

His affair was hidden from his father and in such a condition when there was no distance between his father and family and his friends.

And his similarity with Musa (Moses) is persistent fear, and his prolonged Ghaibat and a secret birth, and his return by the permission of Allah (SWT), and his assistance by the people in subduing of the enemy.

And his similarity to Isa (Jesus) is the controversy among the people with regard to him. A group of them says; 'He is not yet born.' Another group says, 'He is dead' and some say: 'He was killed and crucified.'

And his similarity with his own grandfather, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, is his advent with the sword. He shall slay the enemies of Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the unjust, and the tyrants."

Imam Sajjad (a.s.) said, "In the Qaem is a similarity to Nuh (Noah) and that is his long life."

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) [Occultation (Ghaibat) of past prophets]

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.)Dear Children,

It is now more than 1,170 years since our beloved Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) went into Ghaibat (occultation). The Shias are unable to contact him like the Shias of the previous era used to meet their Imams (a.s.). Today we face so many problems. If only our beloved Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) was with us, in front of us, he would solve all our problems. That is why we should pray to Allah (SWT) for the earliest reappearance of Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.).

Kamaluddin is the book written by Sheikh Saduq (a.r.) on the command of Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) himself. In this book Sheikh Saduq (a.r.) has recorded several incidents of the past Prophets (a.s.) and their similarities with Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.).

Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) was a prophet of Allah (SWT). He behaved very nicely with people and was a very brave man. One day he took his flock of sheep for grazing. Suddenly one lion came and took away one of the sheep. Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) chased that lion and captured him. He opened the mouth of the lion and recovered the sheep.

Allah (SWT) revealed a book to Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) called 'Zaboor (Book of Psalms)'. It contains many Duas (supplications). When Hazrat Dawood /David (a.s.) used to pray and glorify Allah (SWT), mountains and birds would join him. He was so strong that Allah (SWT) made iron melt in his hands.

At the time of Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) there was an evil king named Jalut (Goliath). Hazrat Dawood / David (a.s.) used to live in another city which was ruled by Talut (Saul). Once there was a war between Talut and Jalut. The army of Talut was very afraid of Jalut and his forces. The brothers and father of Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) once went to fight against Jalut. He (a.s.) said, "I will not go to fight Jalut because he cannot fight against me." His father and brothers laughed at him and went to the battlefield.

After some time, the food in Talut's army was over. Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) was asked by his father to carry some food for the army. On his way to the battlefield, Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) passed by a stone. Suddenly the stone started speaking with Allah's permission,

'O Dawood, pick me up and kill Jalut with me. Allah (SWT) has created me so that you can kill Jalut with me.' Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) picked up the stone and went to the battlefield.

On reaching the battlefield Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) was surprised to see that Talut's army was afraid of Jalut and were trying their best to kill him.

Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) said, 'Why are you so afraid of Jalut? By Allah (SWT), if I see Jalut I will kill him.'

The people reported this to the king Talut. Talut called Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) and asked him, 'Why do you think that you are so brave that you can kill Jalut?' Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) said, 'One day a lion came and took away one of my sheep in his mouth. I chased the lion, caught him, opened his mouth and recovered the sheep. I have done this many times.' Allah (SWT) revealed to Talut that the person on whom your armour fits will kill Jalut.

When Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) wore that armor it fitted him perfectly. The king and the people were surprised. Talut said, 'I hope Allah kills Jalut through Hazrat Dawood (a.s.).'

Next day the war started. Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) saw Jalut in the battlefield. He removed the stone from his pocket and aimed it at Jalut. The stone hit Jalut between the eyes. It cut his head and pierced the brain. He died instantly.

People started shouting joyously, 'Dawood has killed Jalut'. Soon they made Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) their king.

Dear Children, our beloved Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) has some similarities with Hazrat Dawood (a.s.). Our Imam (a.t.f.s.) will have a standard (Alam).

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) will carry this standard everywhere. Just like the stone spoke to Hazrat Dawood (a.s.), the standard will announce, 'O friends of Allah, kill the enemies of Allah!'

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) will also carry a sword. When the time of his reappearance will draw near, Imam Mahdi's (a.t.f.s.) sword will begin speaking by Allah's permission. It will urge Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.), 'O Allah's Caliph, rise and fight against the enemies of Allah.' Then Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) will reappear and fill the world with justice and equity.

We should always pray to Allah (SWT) to hasten the reappearance of Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.). We should pray that Imam (a.t.f.s.) comes soon and establishes a divine government just like Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) became the just ruler over the people.

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and Hazrat Ibrahim / Abraham (a.s.) [Occultation (Ghaibat) of past prophets]

Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and Hazrat Ibrahim / Abraham (a.s.)Dear children,

It is now more than 1,170 years since our beloved Imam - Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) has gone into major occultation (Ghaibat-e-Kubra). Ghaibat of Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) is an examination for us. This is because we cannot meet our beloved Imam like the Shias of the earlier times. We can speak to our friends and even our foes, but we cannot speak to Imam (a.t.f.s.). That is why Ghaibat is a difficulty for us, we should pray to Allah (SWT) to remove this calamity with Imam's (a.t.f.s.) earliest reappearance.

As we must be aware, this book Kamaaluddin was written by the great scholar Sheikh Saduq (a.r.) on the orders of Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) himself. Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) commanded Sheikh Saduq (a.r.) to record the Ghaibat of the previous prophets (a.s.) in the book. In this way Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) wanted the people to know that Ghaibat was a common trait of the previous prophets (a.s.).

Here we shall discuss the Ghaibat of one of Allah's greatest prophets. This prophet is among the five Ulul Azm prophets. He even has a Surah of Noble Quran named after him. Can you guess his name?

He is Hazrat Ibrahim / Abraham (a.s.), for whom the fire was made cool by Allah (SWT). He was Khalilullah as he was always seeking help only and only from Allah (SWT). However, before Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) could reach that stage he had to remain in Ghaibat for a long period of time due to the evil king of his time Namrood.

Namrood was a wicked king who claimed to be god. He was very powerful and ruled over the entire world. Everyone was afraid of him and did not dare oppose him. Namrood led a very comfortable life without anyone to challenge him. This was until he was informed by a learned person in his kingdom about the birth of a child who would challenge him and finally overcome him. This made Namrood very nervous and he made immediate plans to prevent the birth of the child.

Namrood ordered his men to hunt down infants and small children in his kingdom and kill them all. His men did as they were commanded and began killing all the infants and children in Namrood's kingdom. Thousands of infants were killed because of Namrood's fear of that one infant who would finally overcome him.

Yet, Allah (SWT) the Almighty protects whosoever He wants and as a result, Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) was born despite such difficulties. But it was dangerous for his mother to keep Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) in the house as Namrood's men could come anytime to check upon her. So she took him to a cave at some distance from the city and left him there. In this way Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) was all alone in the cave with no one to care for him.

Although apparently Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) was lonely and helpless in the cave, he wasn't exactly abandoned. Allah, the Almighty, is not One to desert His special friends in difficulty. So while Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) was in the cave hungry and thirsty, Allah (SWT) arranged food for him in a most amazing manner. The food came in the form of milk from Hazrat Ibrahim's (a.s.) thumb. Yes! Allah caused milk to flow from Hazrat Ibrahim's (a.s.) thumb. When a servant relies only on Allah for help, then He never disappoints him.

In the cave, Allah (SWT) caused Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) to grow very fast. So much so that he grew in a day how much other children would grow in a week and he grew in a week how much other children grew in a month and he grew in a month how much other children grew in a year! One day, his mother visited the cave, expecting to see him dead. When she saw a big, handsome, healthy boy she was very surprised and embraced him. She then visited him regularly in the cave. Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) remained in Ghaibat inside the cave, away from the people, for quite some time. His Ghaibat ended when he was big enough for people to consider him as a youth than a boy.

Dear children, this was the interesting incident of Hazrat Ibrahim's (a.s.) Ghaibat. We learn some very important lessons from it:

1. Ghaibat was common among the previous prophets and Allah (SWT) kept even the Ulul Azm prophets in Ghaibat to protect them from evil kings. So if Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) is in Ghaibat it is not something strange and unbelievable.

2. Allah, the Almighty, never abandons His servants in difficulty. First He helped Hazrat Ibrahim's (a.s.) mother from Namrood's men and then He helped Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) himself while he was all alone inside the cave.

3. Allah, the Almighty, is aware of His servants' needs, like He was aware of Hazrat Ibrahim's (a.s.) hunger. Therefore, whenever we have any need we should turn only to Allah (SWT) and He will help us, no matter how great our problem may be.

4. The evil kings try their best to harm Allah's Hujjat, but Allah (SWT) protects them from all evil, while the kings are unaware of it.

5. Ghaibat is a great difficulty for Hazrat Mehdi (a.s.) and for us and we should pray for Imam's (a.t.f.s.) safety and earliest reappearance.

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