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 MEN OF GOD: A Companion for families

In every community of men wherever it may be or might have been in the past there have been individuals who have been providing guidance to the common members of the community as leaders, thinkers, reformers, teachers or sages. This is so because the common man is ever in need of guidance for leading a proper life both as an individual and as a member of the society amidst which he happens to be. Islam as a religion tells us that Almighty God has ever been sending guides for teaching men the proper way of life. These guides are called prophets. As matter of fact the first man created by Almighty God namely Adam was a Prophet which means that Almighty God made arrangements for the guidance of mankind before the human race as such came into existence on the surface of the Globe. The Holy Quran makes it clear that human race has never been left without Prophets to afford it proper guidance for leading a controlled life which may enable men not only to live a proper life in this world but also earn him eternal blissful life in the Hereafter.

When a machine is produced it is accompanied by a set of instructions for its use. An engineer is also commissioned to give a practical demonstration of how the machine functions. Man is an even more intricately designed but animated machine. When he is born, he suddenly finds himself in a world where no mountain bears an inscription answering questions concerning the nature of the world, or explaining how he should live on earth. No educational institution produces experts who know the secret of life or who can provide man with practical guidance. To satisfy this need felt by man, Almighty God sent His prophets to the world, every one of whom brought with him the word of God. In the scriptures revealed to them, God has explained the reality of life to man, and has made it clear what man should and should not do. They showed man what sentiments and ideas he should adopt; how he should remember his Lord; how he should live with his fellows, what he should associate himself with and disassociate himself from. The prophets' lives are a practical demonstration of how a person should live a God fearing life. God has given everyone the power to distinguish between right and wrong. He has also placed countless signs in space and on earth from which man can learn. Moreover, His revelations have been set down in human language and several of His servants chosen from amongst mankind as prophets, so that there should be no doubt as to the true path.

It is believed that about one hundred twenty four thousand (124, 000) prophets came on this earth for guidance of various communities and people during different periods. Names of some of them have been mentioned in the Holy Quran. A study of the life and performances of these holy persons together with trials and tribulations suffered by them for the sake of truth and righteousness provides useful material for giving encouragement to every man to lead a virtuous life and to face the hardships of this world that one may have to encounter in the path of truth, virtue and etc. To learn more, please download the following book in PDF format.

Men of God

The above book is in PDF format; hence you need Adobe Reader 2018 installed on your computer to read it. You can download it by clicking on the above image. MenofGod.pdf file is 5.20MB.

Companion CD for "Men of God"

"We narrate to you the most excellent of stories by Our revealing to you this Quran; though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know." (Chapter, Joseph 12:3)

"ISLAMICOCCASIONS.COM presents MEN OF GOD: A Companion for families," is a book which contains most of the stories from Holy Quran, with the following chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Lineage of Prophets
  • Adam the prophet
  • Cain and Abel or Qabil and Habil
  • Idris (Enoch/Andreas) the prophet
  • Noah (Nooh) the prophet
  • Hud (Hood) the prophet
  • Saleh (Salih) the prophet
  • Abraham (Ibrahim) the prophet
  • Ishmael (Ishail) the prophet
  • Isaac (Ishaq) the prophet
  • Lut (Lot) the prophet
  • Jacob (Yaqub) the prophet
  • Joseph (Yusuf) the prophet
  • Job (Ayyub) the prophet
  • Jethro (Shuaib) the prophet
  • Moses (Moosa) the prophet and his brother Aaron (Haroon)
  • Prophet Moses and Qaroon (Croesus/Korah)
  • Prophet Moses and Prophet Khidr (Elijah)
  • The Men of Sabbath
  • Elias (Ilyas) the prophet
  • Ezra (Uzair) the prophet
  • David (Dawood) the king and the prophet
  • The Ark of the Covenant (Taboot-e-Sakina)
  • Relics left behind by Prophet Moses and Aaron or the original Tablets of the Taurat
  • Samuel (Shammil) the prophet
  • Saul (Talut) and Goliath (Jalut)
  • Solomon (Sulaiman) the prophet
  • The wisdom of Luqman
  • The Men of Ras
  • Jonah (Yunus) the prophet
  • Zechariah (Zakariya) the prophet
  • John (Yahya) the prophet
  • Virgin Mary (Bibi Maryam)
  • Jesus (Issa) the prophet
  • Relations of God, Mary and Jesus
  • Prophet Jesus crucified in semblance but not killed
  • Holy Scripture Gospel (Injeel), Torah (Taurat) and psalms (Zaboor)
  • The Men of the cave (Ashab-e-Kehf)
  • The Makers of the Pit
  • Kaaba against the might of Elephants
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We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Qur'an, though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know. (Noble Qur'an 12:3)
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