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City of Birds in the light of a Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)

City of Birds in the light of a HadithThe place was very lonely and it seemed that there was none except Allah (SWT) in that place. It was surrounded by mountains. It was called the 'City of Birds'. The city was the most beautiful place on earth. The birds over there led a very comfortable life. There were all kinds of birds - parrots, sparrows, pigeons, and etc.

At the break of dawn, the cock's cry used to wake up everyone and then everyone began working. There lived a family of pigeons in that city. In that family there were several baby pigeons. These baby pigeons were very beautiful. They were milk white and there were brown lines along their necks, which added to their beauty. They used to wake up with the rising Sun and used to do salaam to the Sun with a lot of love and respect.

The Sun replied to their salaam and used to converse with them. The Sun loved them more than the other birds. Everyday the Sun used to wake them up and encouraged them to work.

The days passed in this manner, until it was winter. The birds, which could not tolerate the extreme cold, flew to another warmer city. Slowly many birds left the city and the place became very lonely.

One day, the cock crowed as usual. The pigeons and other birds began rising slowly. But today they did not see the Sun. The Sun was hidden behind a very dark cloud. With this, the birds felt very cold and uncomfortable. The baby pigeons asked their mother, 'Why did the Sun not come out today?'

The mother pigeon took her little ones under the shelter of her wings and said, 'Dear children, be patient, surely one day the Sun will come out.'

Many days passed, however there were still no signs of the Sun. Without the Sun, the birds felt more and more uncomfortable. And as the dark clouds surrounded them, the whole place was very dull and gloomy.

The birds used to sit alongside each other and consoled one another, 'Don't worry, surely one day the Sun will come out and drive the dark clouds away. It will fill our lives with light and happiness like before.'

But the dark clouds continued to surround the 'City of Birds'. The thunder of the clouds frightened everyone, and the lightening made the birds feel very uneasy. The whole atmosphere was very tense. In this atmosphere, there were some who continued to do their work and were not affected by the thunder and lightening around them.

But there were some who were very afraid and even became hopeless of the Sun ever coming out again. They started telling the other birds, 'O those who await the rising of the Sun, don't be so hopeful of the Sun, because it will never come out again! You will never see it again. So don't have any hopes on seeing the Sun, otherwise you will be disappointed.'

Such talks saddened the birds. They began thinking, 'Will the Sun ever come out again?' Then the dark cloud also began frightening the birds with its talks. The cloud said, 'If you all don't do as I say, then there will be so much snow, that all of you will be covered in it.'

Now while the cloud was saying this, suddenly it became very cold and it began raining heavily. Then some of the weak birds began believing the cloud and said, 'O cloud, we believe you and will do as you command.'

However, the pigeons were not afraid of the cloud's threat. They spoke to the other birds thus, 'Dear brothers, what are you saying. Don't be fooled with the dark cloud's talks. Surely the Sun is present behind the dark cloud. One day the Sun will definitely come out from behind the dark cloud.

Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)However the situation was such that no one was listening to anyone and everyone had his own opinion.

Some were saying. 'Surely the Sun has died', while some were saying, 'The Sun is unhappy with us and will never return', while some others were saying, 'The Sun has gone on a long journey and no one knows when it will return.'

There was a lot of confusion among the birds. Finally the birds decided that they would ask the Hoopoe's advice about the Sun. So they all went to the Hoopoe's nest and explained the matter to him. The Hoopoe listened to them very carefully. Then it said, 'The pigeons are absolutely right. The Sun has neither died, nor has it gone away on some journey. Right now, the Sun is present above our heads.'

Then all those birds, which did not believe the pigeon earlier, were very surprised at the Hoopoe's talks. They asked, 'Is the Sun really present over our heads. But we cannot see anything. If the Sun had been there...'

The Hoopoe interrupted them and said, 'Just think a little and you will understand that whatever life is there on this earth, it is only because of the Sun. If there was no Sun we would all have died. Very often we don't see the Sun with our eyes, but its effects are very clear to everyone. For example, at night we don't see the Sun, but the Sun is very much there. It provides us with enough heat so that we remain alive.

Even when the weather is very cold, we get our heat from the Sun.' 'Don't be so sad and disheartened. Be patient and pray so that the dark clouds go away and the Sun becomes visible once again. Pray so that our eyes can be comforted with a glance at the Sun.'

All the birds, especially the baby pigeons, prayed that night for the Sun. In the morning the Hoopoe, the birds and the pigeons woke up. The baby pigeons were very happy, and why not, their prayers had been answered. They all looked towards the sky very happily and said with love and affection, 'O generous Sun. Peace be upon you!'

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "In occultation (Ghaibat) Imam is like a sun hidden behind the clouds."

Length of Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi's (aj) Life and future of this World

Length of Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi (aj)We believe that the lengthening of a man's life is not an impossibility, because it is explicitly said in the Noble Qur'an that:

"We (once) sent Noah to his people, and he tarried among them a thousand years less fifty:" (29:14)

What is more, research undertaken in the biological sciences has corroborated the possibility of lengthening the human lifespan. Even great scientists are of the opinion that food and drugs may be prepared which can prolong man's life. The late Ayatullah Sadr [A learned scholar of Qom (1882-1953), father of the well-known Imam Musa al-Sadr of the Lebanon.] in his book "al-Mahdi", quoted from a scientific article written in 1959 which stands as a witness to what we have said above. Here we shall give a summary of it. Authoritative scientists say that all the basic tissues of the animal body can live forever, and it is possible for man to live for a thousand years, provided that it doesn't happen that the thread of his life is severed.

These scientists do not speak on the basis of guesswork or surmise, for they have arrived at their conclusion through scientific experiment.

The miracles of the prophets, the cooling of the fire for Hazrat Ibrahim al-Khalil, the turning into a serpent of Hazrat Musa al-Kaleem's staff, the bringing to life of the dead through Hazrat Isa al-Roohullah, and so forth, are all against the usual flow of things, but Allah (SWT) brought another order into existence by His own power and a miracle occurred; all Muslims, Jews and Christians, believe in miracles. Similarly for the length of the life of the Imam of the Age there remains no place for any kind of objection, because if someone says that such a length of life is impossible, his claim cannot be at all accepted after the stipulation of the Noble Qur'an concerning the length of Hazrat Nuh's life, and also after the latest revelations of biology. If it is said that it is possible, but against the normal natural order of things, it can be retorted that the length of life of the Imam of the Age is against the natural order just as the miracles of the prophets, and is carried out according to the will of Allah (SWT). Someone who believes in the power of Allah (SWT) and the occurrence of the miracles of the prophets cannot have the slightest objection to the length of the Imam's life.

Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi (aj) has occulted for an unknown period, but benefits mankind like the Sun behind the clouds. There would be relief (Faraj) after this occultation (Ghaibat) by the will of Allah (SWT) which is known as "Reappearance" era.

At first, Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi (aj) will rise from Makkah and will organize a worldwide revolution to spread justice. He will destroy all the wicked and will propagate honesty and theism. He will govern the entire world several years and in the golden era of his appearance, people will experience a divine government, which was desired by all of previous prophets and Imams. In this era, Jesus Christ (Hazrat Isa al-Roohullah) will come from sky to the earth to help Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi (aj). The number of his leading companions are 313 (same as the number of soldiers in the first battle of Islam at Badr) who are the outstanding people in the history. In fact most of them do not belong to that time but they will gain their lives once again by the command of Allah (SWT) to help Hazrat Baqiyatallah, Imam Mahdi (aj). Further, he will punish the enemies of previous Imams.

And finally, after years of his governorship, he will be martyred by the most vicious of all people and that is the time when all people will die and will be raised by Allah's (SWT) will in the day of resurrection for the final judgment.

Gar Ho Meri Hayat Meray Ikhtayar Main,
Sadiyaan Guzaar Doun Ga Teray Intezar Main

Moula Ab Aap Parda-e-Ghaibat Uthyae,
Do Din Tu Zindage ke Guzaroun Bahar Ke

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We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Qur'an, though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know. (Noble Qur'an 12:3)
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