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Loader of the black stone: Twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)

Children Story Loader of the black stoneSheikh bin Qulowiah: peace be upon you my friends.

My name is Jafar bin Mohammad. I am known as bin Qulowiah. I was born in Qom during the minor occultation (Ghaibat-e-Sughra). I grew up and learnt Islamic sciences until I became a famous Islamic scientist. I learnt the narration science and listened to its scientists, therefore I became a famous narrator. I wrote many books which the most famous one is (Kamel al-Ziarat) about the wellness of visiting the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Ahlulbayt (pbut). When I was young, exactly in the age of the third deputy al-Hussein bin Rouh al-Nobakty, a dangerous trouble happened that in the year 317 AH, the Qaramedah attacked Makkah in the pilgrimage season and killed the pilgrims.

And they cut out the black stone (Hajar al-Aswad) from its place and brought it to their position in al-Ehsa.

What? You want to know who are the Qaramedah? And who is their leader? Ok, I will tell you.

The Qaramedah is a group which is curved from the way of Ahlulbayt (pbut). Its leader is al-Hasan bin Bahram al-Janaby from Janabah in Iran.

At the beginning, he was selling flour in his city and he was deviance, therefore his citizens exiled him. Then he went to Bahrain, which is placed at the eastern point of the Arab island. He started trading until he became a famous businessman. Then he started calling people to himself, so little by little, groups of people started joining to him. Then, he got a great power and he got the control of Bahrain. He began shutting of the way of pilgrims and his son attacked to Makkah and brought the black stone from there as I told you before.

Banu Umayyah's army destroyed Holy KaabaAfter this introduction, you want to know my story and my relationship with twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)? Ok, I will tell you.

In the year 339 AH, exactly 22 years after killing the pilgrims in Makkah, I aimed to go to pilgrimage, so I gathered my objects. At first, I moved from Qom to Baghdad with a caravan. When I arrived there, an important matter happened that the Qaramedah accepted to return the black stone to its place in Holy Kaaba.

This subject became controversial among people everywhere, so my most important task was to reach Makkah and to see who will put the black stone in its place. Do you know why? Because the person who puts it in its place, is the Imam of the era twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh), exactly in the same manner as Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Imam Zain al-Abedin (pbuh) did before. Do you want to know what happened to them? Ok first, I will start with the story of Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his putting the black stone in its place.

One year, before Holy Prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) birth, Makkah was flooded and Holy Kaaba was destroyed; so Quraish aimed to destroy it completely and rebuild it, and they did. When it was the time of putting the black stone in its place, they got quarrel within each other and everyone wanted to have this honor. They got disunity for days and it was almost to be a battle among them. At last, they agreed to give the judgment to the first person who enters from the mosque's door. Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) entered. They said: This is the truthful, he is coming, give him the judgment because there is nobody better than him in behaviour and judging!

Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) arrived and the people greeted him. He stood between them and they asked him to judge at this trouble. He looked at the corners of Holy Kaaba, and then he looked at the sky. After a little while he said: Bring a cloth for me.

Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)They brought a cloth. Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) put the stone in the cloth by himself and all the people there were looking at him then he told the people: the doyen of every tribes, catch a corner of this cloth and lift it. They got surprise from the judgment. They accepted it and they did what Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) ordered them, then he got up near the place of the black stone, then got the black stone, and put it in its place; so Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) finished the matter.

The story of Imam Zain al-Abedin (pbuh) is that a war happened in his time. In the war Abdullah bin Zubair who wanted to be the leader against the Banu Umayyah's army under the Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi's command. Abdullah bin Zubair and his followers were fighting the Banu Umayyah's army from inside the mosque (Masjid al-Haram), so Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi ordered his soldiers to throw stones towards Holy Kaaba, so he destroyed Holy Kaaba and killed Abdullah bin Zubair inside Masjid al-Haram. When the war was finished, Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi aimed to rebuild Holy Kaaba and he did. When they wanted to put the black stone in its place, Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi asked the scientists to do that. Any Muslim scholar who tried to put black stone (Hajar al-Aswad) it in its place, he didn't have the ability for doing that. After that, Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi gathered his judges and asked them to put it in its place. They did, but the black stone was shaking and didn't stand in its place. Then, Hajjaj bin Yousef al-Thaqafi called the hermits and asked them to do the same, but they couldn't. Then, Imam Zain al-Abedin (pbuh) took it from their hands and said: "In the name of Allah" and he put it in its place. People started saying: Allah is the greatest and there is no god except Allah.

After me telling you the story of Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his putting the black stone and Imam Zain al-Abedin (pbuh), I continue telling my story. As I told you, I am longing for seeing the loader of the black stone who is twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh) himself. However, I got a trouble which I couldn't continue my journey to pilgrimage, because I fell ill in Baghdad and I lied in the bed, without having the ability of moving. I was afraid of dying, so I asked my friend bin Husham to go to pilgrimage instead of me and I gave him a letter to twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh), ask him about my age duration and do I die because of this illness or not? I asked my friend bin Husham to give the letter to the loader of the black stone and to get the reply. So, Come my friends and listen to what my friend, bin Husham narrate.

Imam Zain al-Abedin (pbuh)Bin Husham: peace be upon you my friends.

I will narrate what had happen after me leaving Baghdad.

I went to pilgrimage. When I reached Makkah, I saw that people were talking about the return of the black stone. When it was the time, I went to the servants of Holy Kaaba, I gave them a lot of money to put me in a suitable place to see the loader of the black stone. When it was the time, the agent of the caliph tried to put it in its place, but he couldn't. Another one tried, but he couldn't too, and one by one started trying but they couldn't. My eyes were gazing at the black stone and the person who brings it. At last, a young brown handsome man took the stone and put it in its place. People started shouting and saying: Allah is the greatest and there is no god except Allah. The young man got out of that place, so I got up from my seat and started following and pushing people until some people thought that I am crazy. They opened the way for me while I was walking fast.

My eyes were gazing at the young man until he got in a street, so I walk fast behind him. The young man was walking slowly but I was walking fast behind him but I couldn't reach him. When we arrived to a place, which nobody was there, he stopped, turned around and looked at me.

Twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh): Give me the letter which you brought it.

Bin Husham: I got surprised and told myself: how did he know that I have the letter?

Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)So I got the letter out of my packet and gave it to him. He didn't see what the letter contains and said.

Twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh): Tell the writer of the letter that don't be afraid of this illness. He will die only after thirty years.

Bin Husham: I didn't believe what I heard. I started crying because of the Imam's effect. Then he left me and went. I couldn't move from my place because of being shocked. After that, I went back to Baghdad and told Sheikh bin Qulowiah the story. He cried from that. He got recovered from his illness. After thirty years, Bin Qulowiah fell ill, died in the year 369 AH, and was buried beside the shrine of Imam Musa al-Kadhim and Imam al-Jawad (pbut) in Baghdad and his grave is still there.

Now, I thank you for listening to me and don't forget praying for twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh) for his early reappearance.

Our duties/responsibilities during occultation (Ghaibat) of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)

15th of Shaban, a very auspicious day in the Islamic Lunar Calendar, because it is the birth anniversary of our twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.).

Our duties/responsibilities during occultation (Ghaibat)We would like to invite all of us to do something, no matter how small, for this joyous day. We would like to bring our humble contribution by mentioning some of our duties/responsibilities during occultation (Ghaibat) and about how could we make our twelfth Imam, the living Hujjah, Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) satisfied.

We can divide the answer in three parts.

  • To Await (Intezar)
  • To recite recommended supplications during the occultation (Dua)
  • Purifying the self (Taqwa)

1. Awaiting: To await for the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is highly recommended right from Holy Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.&H.F.) till Imam-e-Zaman (a.t.f.s.) himself. There are plenty of traditions to prove this. Holy Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.&H.F.) said, "Best deed (Amal) of my nation is to wait for Faraj (Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.))." "One who await for reappearance and Faraj of Imam Mahdi. Is like the one who gives his blood in the way of Allah." If we refer the Islamic books under the title of Intezar Faraj we can find plenty of traditions about Intezar.

2. Recommended Duas during occultation: There are many Dua's recommended to be recited during the occultation, of which some of them are recommended by Imam himself, such as Ziyarate Ale Yasin, Dua-e-Istighasa, Dua-e-Nudbah, Dua-e-Ahad, Dua-e-Faraj, Ziyarat-e-Sardab etc.

3. Taqwa: In the traditions, it is said that during the occultation a person who waits for him should be pious. He should have firm belief in Allah (SWT), Prophet and Imams. He should refrain from sin and try to protect the religion and belief of the people. They should try to guide the people towards the right path so that the ground for his reappearance is ready.

Moments of Pondering on Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)

Moments of Pondering on Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (pbuh)Today the entire world asking the Man whose reappearance is the ultimate wish of mankind. He is the Infallible Imam of our Age, Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), whose justice shall fill every nook and cranny of the world... But those who are truly awaiting their Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), do not content themselves with just praying and shedding tears; We must believe that Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) beholds us even if we are deprived from seeing him with our eyes ...

We must know that the revolution of Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) - as the greatest change throughout the whole history of mankind - shall take place only after his steadfast companions are gathered round; companions who would be ready to sacrifice their souls for the fulfillment of the sacred ambitions of their Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.).

Have we prepared ourselves for such a day? Who knows, perhaps tomorrow will be the time for his advent. But really, what should we do to be among those who are truly awaiting his Zohoor (advent) and those who are preparing the ground for his coming? Let's ponder on this question for a few minutes ...

O Holy Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)! Today, the cry of oppressed people could easily be heard from everywhere; a cry, which shall be recorded within the pages of mankind's history forever.

O Holy Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)! Your devoted followers shall remain patient in the hope of meeting you someday...

Gar Ho Meri Hayat Meray Ikhtiyar Mein,
Sadiyaan Guzaar Doun Ga Teray Intezar Mein

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