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 Monday, September 25, 2023
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Fourth Infallible Picture Gallery: Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.)
Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.)
Hassan Al-Mujtaba Hassan Ibn Ali Hassan Al-Mujtaba
Hassan Al-Mujtaba Hassan Ibn Ali Hassan Al-Mujtaba
Jannat ul-Baqi Janaza Salawat
Jannat ul-Baqi Janaza Salawat
Fourth Infallible Description: Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.)
Name: Al-Hasan Title: Al-Mujtaba
Designation: 2nd Imam Kunyat: Abul Muhammad
Father: Ali Ibne Abu Talib Mother: Fatima Bint-e-Muhammad
Born: 15th Ramadan 3 AH (625 AD) Died: 28th Safar 50 AH (670 AD)
Martyred: Poisoned by Joda Buried: Cemetery of Jannatul Baqi
Lived: 47 years Imam Hasan 1 Imam Hasan 2
Fourth Infallible Sayings: Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.)
  • Be prepared for your traveling (for Akhira), and keep ready your necessity before your death comes.
  • O' Son of Adam! Since the day you left your mother's womb you life has been on the decrease. Therefore, avail yourself of that between your hands for the hereafter, because the believer takes provisions (from this world) and the disbeliever only takes his leisure (from this world).
  • If you fail to obtain something of worldly benefit, take it as if the thought of it had never crossed your mind at all.
  • Never did a nation resort to mutual counsel except that they were guided by it towards maturity.
  • It is love which brings closer those who are remote by ancestry, and it is (the absence of) love which causes dissociation between those who are related by ancestry.
  • Opportunity is something which is quick to vanish and late to return.
  • I wonder about the person who contemplates about his nutrition but he does not consider (the food of) his intellect. Thus, he avoids of what hurts him in his stomach but he lets his mind to be filled with what destroys him.
  • Associate with and treat the people in way as you like to get associated and treated by them.
  • The one who continues his visits (going and coming) to the mosque does lay his hands upon one of eight benefits:
    • (Getting to know) one of the decisive verses.
    • Finding a beneficial brother.
    • Fresh knowledge.
    • A mercy waiting for him.
    • A word leading to the guidance.
    • An admonition averting from sin.
    • Not committing sin out of scheme.
    • Not committing sin for the fear of Allah.
  • When the desirable and commendable services damage and harm the obligatory services, abandon them.
  • And know it that indeed whoever fears Allah (adopts piety). Allah paves his way of salvation out of the inequities. And makes him firm in his matter. And provides him (the path of) guidance. And makes his proof and arguments successful and enlightens his face and grants him what he desires. He is with those upon whom Allah has bestowed His beneficences and boons from among the Prophets, the truthful, the martyrs and pious ones.
  • The greatest forgiveness and pardon of Allah comes when the sinner is not able to make a pretext for his wrong doing.
  • Allah provides everything to one who worships Allah.
  • Piety is the gateway to all repentance, and the principal of all wisdom, and the distinction of all deeds.
  • Whoever relies on the excellence of Allah's choices, doesn't wish to be in other than the situation that Allah has chosen for him.
  • The height of intelligence is associating with people amicably.
  • One who lacks intelligence has no decorum, and one who lacks determination has no magnanimity, and one who has no modesty has no religion.
  • Do not be hasty in punishing (someone's) sin, and leave (room) between the two (fault and punishment) for apology.
  • The most preferable adornment is graceful manners.
  • The best wealth is contentment and the worst poverty is humility.
  • Clemency is suppression of anger and self-restraint.
  • Generosity is giving in prosperity and adversity.
  • The annihilation of people lies in three things: Arrogance, Greed and envy. Arrogance causes destruction of the religion and because of it Satan was cursed, and Greed is the enemy of one's soul, and because of it Adam was expelled from Paradise, and envy is the guide to wickedness, and because of it Qabil killed Habil.
  • Teach others your knowledge and learn knowledge of others so you will bring your knowledge to perfection and learn something which you do not know.
  • One is ignorant of blessing as long as they are present, but when they pass, one becomes aware (of the value) of them.

Imam Hassan (Peace Be Upon Him)


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