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Holy Qur'an Stories for ChildrenWelcome to Gateway of Islamic Knowledge - Online Islamic CD Store; your source for authentic Islamic CDs in Urdu, English and Arabic, with better prices and awesome service!

Our Islamic CDs are really unique with large collection and good quality of information put together with eye catching graphics, very impressive and outstanding design, professional and user friendly presentation. Our Islamic CDs are not for any one particular age group or gender, rather these educational Islamic CDs contains a wide-range of topics that is needed by any one who needs to explore, learn and understand this great religion, Islam. Overall lot of research and years of hard work has put towards the production of all our Islamic CDs. We are specialized in Indo Pak Muslim cultural CDs.

Our main goal behind all these compilation of Islamic CDs is to meet the needs of the global Muslim community by providing authentic Islamic material of good quality and great service. Our Islamic CDs are great gift idea for those who like to use media as a tool to further educate the reality and true teachings of Islam. We pray to Allah (SWT) to help us in this objective and accept our work.

Our aim is to make your online Islamic CD shopping experience most enjoyable and stress free and we aim to deliver with efficiency. Hence we have tried our best to keep the navigation simple and easy for you to find your favourite CD. So please come in and explore the World of Islamic CDs for yourself.

We hope we are making buying good Islamic CDs containing huge quantity of information in Urdu, English and Arabic a little easier for you by offering authentic content at very affordable prices and convenient ordering, prompt shipping and terrific service guaranteed.

If you have any question or concern or need help ordering, please call or email us.

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